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SGS, LLC (SGS) is a professional construction firm offering General Contracting, Design-Build, and Construction Management services to both public and private clients across the United States. SGS maximizes “best value” opportunities for our customers through innovative design solutions, creative value engineering concepts, and an unwavering dedication to excellence for all our projects. SGS is certified by the SBA as an Historically Underutilized Business Zone (HUBZone) Small Business.

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SGS, LLC (SGS) was established as a General Contracting and Design Build firm in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on January 26, 1999. On that date, with over 28 years of general contracting experience, Eddie Scott, DBIA began the arduous journey of establishing a new construction firm, soon to be known as SGS. With a goal of targeting complex projects for sophisticated clients, SGS opened its doors as a new startup construction firm. As a new company with no office or organizational structure, SGS's first staff meeting, attended by Mr. Eddie Scott and Ms. Jill Freitas, was held at a local sandwich shop in southwest Oklahoma City. With no work, no contracts, and no customers, Mr. Scott and Ms. Freitas worked tirelessly to open doors and find work for this new startup company. Success was not immediate, and at times appeared to be almost out of reach, but slowly, step by step, SGS found small projects to keep the new company moving forward. SGS's first project was only $7,500, but at that time, it was a lifesaver that helped move SGS one step closer to its stated goals. With the passing of each year, SGS won contract after contract by staying true to its values of honesty, integrity, hard work, and commitment … and each new project confirmed the soundness of that business model.


Today, SGS is a name well known in many contracting circles. SGS has now successfully completed hundreds of projects and task orders across the United States, from coast-to-coast and border-to-border. SGS has a bonding program that supports projects in the range of $75M for single projects and $175M for aggregate. And, while our project size has grown many times over the past several years, our commitment to quality, dedication to excellence and hard work has never changed.  



SGS is a dedicated team of construction professionals, not just a corporate shell. SGS believes our employees are our greatest asset, and we are very proud of the professionalism our staff embraces. No one will work as hard for you as we do. At SGS, good relationships that are built on honesty and integrity is the key to our success. With those qualities as our core values, our leadership continues to make all decisions that are in the best interest of each of our projects; honor and respect the clients we serve; and stays true and reflects the mission of SGS.



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Eddie Scott, DBIA

Owner and President

0077_pbk_img_9228 (2).jpg

Jill Freitas, DBIA

Director, Marketing & Business Development

0058_pbk_img_9116 (2).jpg

Shawn Scott

Vice President, Project Estimator

0083_pbk_img_9239 (2).jpg

Jamie Stacey, DBIA

Project Manager

0045_pbk_img_9079 (2).jpg

Steve Scott

Vice President, Project Manager

Curran Scott.jpg

Curran Scott

Project Estimator

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