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Building 705 - Vehicle Maintenance Facility

SGS provided design-build services to fully renovate / repair Building 705 Vehicle Maintenance Facility at Fort Hood, Texas. Building 705 is a single-story, 8,000 sq. ft. pre-engineered metal building with a seven (7) Bay Maintenance Shop with associated administrative functions and supplies.

Renovations Included: 

  • Removing the exterior components of Bldg. 705 down to the metal building structural frame and provide all new metal wall panels, R-19 vinyl faced wall insulation and an R30 Simple Saver System, roof insulation over a semi-heated roof.

  • Demolish, remove, and replace all existing exterior and interior systems including roof, canopy, walls, doors, frames, hardware, windows, ceilings, HVAC system, air compressor, electrical system, communication systems, and other miscellaneous items.

  • The existing roof system was removed and replaced with a Standing Seam Metal Roof. 
    Added two (2) restrooms and dedicated Mechanical, Electrical and Communication Rooms. 

  • The Administration area received sealed concrete floors and the Maintenance Shop, Equipment area, Access Path, and POL Synthetic Distribution System area has an epoxy/polymer coating. 

  • Each service bay received two 50’ air hose reel mounted drops.  

  • Heavy duty insulated steel doors and frames were installed at the entrances and egresses. 

  • Seven (7) new electrically operated coiling doors were installed at each service bay entrance.

  • Electric operators include a three-button switch and an auxiliary hand chain operation. 

  • Sections of the existing hardstand were saw-cut and removed to accommodate the installation of new underfloor plumbing lines, fire service lines, and trench drains.

Building Systems Included:

  • The existing Mechanical, Plumbing, Electrical, and Communication Systems were removed and replaced with all new equipment.

  • Fire Protection System consisted of a wet pipe sprinkler system, fire riser, fire department connection on the exterior wall, Post Indicator Valve, two (2) fire hydrants, fire alarm panel and fire alarm / mass notification system. 

  • The POL Synthetic Distribution System consists of piping and dispensing hose reels for grease, engine oil, gear oil, transmission fluid, and antifreeze located at four (4) dispensing points within the Maintenance Shop. 

  • The Compressed Air System included a new 75 HP air compressor with a 250-gallon storage tank, located under a new canopy between Building 705 and Building 733.  An air dryer installed at the compressor to ensure the removal of any condensing water in the system.


Fort Hood, Texas




8,000 SF

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers


Renovation / Repair
Vehicle Maintenance Facility



Site Improvements Included:

  • New Domestic and Fire Water Distribution System

  • Sanitary Sewer Distribution

  • Stormwater Drainage System

  • Trench Drain System and 

  • New Sidewalks 

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