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Combined Arms Collective Training Facility    

The Combined Arms Collective Training Facility (CACTF) is located on the vastly undeveloped “Range” of Fort Polk, Louisiana. The CACTF includes an Administrative Area, Training Area, a covered mess (pavilion) and a soccer field, collectively encompassing approximately 35 acres of total area. The two areas are separated by approximately two (2) miles of undeveloped western Louisiana forest land. 

The CACTF consists of three (3) fully finished administrative buildings and twenty-five (25) unfinished training buildings totaling 151,346 SF. The Administrative and Training areas consists of the following:

Administrative Area

  • Range Operations Center

    • Multiple Control Rooms

    • Observation Room

    • Breakroom / Restrooms

    • Storage Area

  • After Action Review Building

    • Development Area 

    • Large Offices

    • Two (2) Control Rooms

    • Two (2) Large Classrooms (160 People Each)

  • Operations/Storage Building

    • Multiple Secured Storage Rooms

    • Multiple Unsecured Storage Rooms


All Administrative buildings are finished conditioned buildings with brick veneer and concrete block exterior and standing seam metal roofing.

Training Area

  • Designed to replicate a small town 

  • Vary in size from small residential structures to a three (3) story hotel

  • All Training Buildings are unfinished with CMU walls, sealed concrete floors, and plywood sheathing on the walls

  • The CACTF project has a tunnel system, which is accessed through the basement of several of the Training Buildings


  • Three (3) Drive-Through Vehicle Maintenance Bays 

  • Work Benches

  • Compressed Air Systems

  • Hose Bibbs

  • Floor Trench Drains

  • Grease/Oil/Water Separation Systems

  • Tool Room

  • Battery Room / Supply Room

  • Controlled Waste Handling Room

Sitework included significant clearing and grubbing of existing trees and vegetation, site grading, preparation of subgrade for almost three (3) miles of new concrete roads, and construction of building pads for a total of 28 new buildings. Sitework also included construction of two (2) new sediment ponds for stormwater control both during and following construction. 

Road construction included approximately 1.5 miles of aggregate paving and approximately 1.5 miles of concrete paving, all of which was bordered by new concrete curbs and gutters. New sidewalks ran along the new streets of the Training Area and connected each building to the other. Road construction also included construction of a new overpass bridge.

Utilities primarily consisted of bringing new electrical and communication service to the project site. The work included approximately two (2) miles of overhead lines extending from the connection point to the Administration Area, then approximately two (2) miles of new underground electrical and communication lines from the Administration Area to the Training Area, and finally approximately 1.5 miles of combined overhead and underground utility lines servicing the buildings in the Training Area. 


Fort Polk, Louisiana




Land - 35 Acres
Buildings - 151,346 SF 


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers


Training Facility


Prime Contractor 

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