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Craig County Courthouse, Sheriff’s Office & Jail

SGS served as the Prime Contractor for the new 53,000 SF Craig County Courthouse in Vinita, Oklahoma. This project consolidates a Courthouse, a Sheriff's Office, and a Jail. The exterior of the 2-story building consists of pre-cast concrete, reinforced concrete block, a brick veneer, a cast stone band that runs the length of the building, and a membrane roof. Specific areas of the Courthouse include:

1st Floor

  • Lobby / Reception Area

  • County Clerk Office

  • County Assessor Office

  • County Treasurer Office

  • Administrative Offices 

  • Conference Room

  • Soils Laboratory

  • Multiple Work Rooms

  • Map Room

  • Secured Storage Rooms

2nd Floor

  • Courtrooms

  • Judge’s Chambers

  • Court Reporter & Bailiff Areas

  • Private Jury Rooms 

  • Holding Room

  • Attorney Conference Rooms 

  • Law Library

  • Investigation Room

  • Audio/Video Room

  • Work Rooms

Connected to the Courthouse is the Craig County Sheriff’s Office. To help identify the Sherriff’s Office from the Courthouse and the Jail, on the exterior of the building is a large cast-stone Police Shield, which was designed to match the Craig County Police Badges. Specific areas of the Sheriff’s Office include:

  • Lobby 

  • 911 Call Center

  • Sheriff's Office

  • Undersheriff’s Office

  • Patrol Office

  • Civil Defense & Investigation

  • Armory

  • Evidence Room

  • Inmate Property Room

  • Pre-Booking & Booking Rooms

  • Interview & Isolation Rooms

  • Dispatch Records

  • Full-Service Kitchen

  • Laundry Room

  • Visiting Rooms

  • Secured Storage 

  • General Storage 

  • Vehicular Sally Ports


Vinita, Oklahoma




53,000 SF 


Craig County Government
Building Authority 


State Government 
Municipal Buildings
Sheriff’s Office


Prime Contractor

Connected to the Craig County Sheriff’s Office is the Jail, which consists of 28 various sized jail cells (14 on the 1st floor and 14 on the 2nd floor). The jail is operated by a Control Room, which is centrally located on the 2nd floor and can view all areas of the Jail facility. Specific areas of the Jail include:

  • Fire Command Center 

  • Community Center Office

  • 28 Jail Cells

  • Control Room

  • Day Room

  • Security Room 

  • Surrounding Mezzanine

  • Secured Storage

  • Exercise Yard

  • Sally Ports

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