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Enlisted Personnel Dining Facilities

This IDIQ contract included the design and construction of six (6) dining facilities at various installations located in the southwest region of the United States (Texas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma). There were four (4) Task Orders issued for Dining Facilities located at Fort Bliss, Texas, one (1) Task Order for a Dining Facility located at Camp McGregor, New Mexico, and one (1) Task Order for a Dining Facility located at Fort Sill, Oklahoma.

Each of these new dining facilities efficiently feeds 1,300 - 1,428 soldiers, 3 meals per day, in a 90 minute period, 365 days per year. The interior of each building is finished with the same materials found in most corporate or college cafeterias, including but not limited to:

  • Large Dining Areas

  • Food Preparation/Serving Areas

  • Receiving Lines

  • Commercial Kitchen Equipment

  • Cold Food and Dry Food Storage

  • Walk-In Refrigerators and Freezers

  • Ovens, Griddles, Ranges, Fryers, and Steamers

  • Hot and Cold Food Serving Stations

  • Beverage Serving Station

  • Automated Soiled Tray Collection System

  • Pot / Dishwashing Equipment

  • Waste Disposal Equipment (Pulpers, Grease Separators)

  • Exhaust Hoods with Fire Suppression Systems

  • Sturdy, High-Quality Tables, and Chairs

  • Painted or Ceramic Tile Covered Walls

  • Quarry Tiled, Resilient Tiled and Carpeted Floor

  • Hand Wash Areas

  • Administrative Offices

  • Locker Rooms with Showers

Special features of each Dining Facility included a “To-Go” meal replacement area and a covered outdoor patio dining area. Each Dining Facility is ADA compliant, incorporates AT/FP requirements and received a LEED® Silver sustainability rating.

Client Quote

“I wish to express my thanks for your outstanding support on the 1st Brigade Combat Team Dining Facility. I was quite impressed with the efforts put forth by SGS and the Fort Worth District in completing this project “on time” on such a compressed schedule….Keep up the great work!”

Merdith W.B. Temple, Major General
USA Deputy Commanding General for Military and International Operations


Fort Bliss, Texas
Camp McGregor, New Mexico
Fort Sill, Oklahoma




26,500 SF - 29,500 SF


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers


Food Service

Dining Facility



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