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Gray Eagle Unmanned Aircraft System Complex 

This Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Launch and Recovery Complex is a restricted airspace on the Fort Bliss Military Installation in Otero and Dona Ana Counties, New Mexico. The new Complex services a fleet of the Army’s Gray Eagle Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, provides equipment to maintain, repair, and operate the aircraft, as well as Training for Army personnel in the operations and support of the aircraft. Primary areas of the UAS Complex include:

  • Operation and Maintenance Hangar - 25,000 SF

    • Flight Simulator

    • Maintenance Shops

    • Steel Motorized Hangar Doors 

    • Aluminum Motorized Overhead Coiling Doors

    • Steel Coiling Doors

    • 3 PLT Areas 

    • Allied Shop w/ Exterior Access 

    • Bench Stock w/ Technical Storage Area

    • Small Tools Room 

    • Fire Suppression Room 

    • Mechanical & Electrical Rooms w/ Exterior Access

    • Unit Storage & Secure Storage Areas

    • 5-Ton Bridge Crane

    • Floor Trench w/ Oil & Water Separator

    • Hardstand

    • Restrooms w/ Showers & Lockers

  • Administrative / Training Building - 27,000 SF \

    • Administrative Offices 

    • Production Control Room

    • Multi-Purpose Classrooms/Training Rooms

    • Conference Rooms 

    • Arms Vault

    • Kitchen, Break Room with Recycling Area

    • Special Storage and Secure Storage

    • Overhead Protection/Canopy

    • TA-50 Readiness Gear Storage (128 Lockers) 

    • Multiple Secured Storage Areas with Tamper Proof Gate Bolted & Welded

    • Flight Operations Area (PLT, Planning, Briefing, Offices)

    • SIPRNET Telecommunications

  • Aircraft Container and Forklift Storage

  • Oil and Hazardous Waste Storage Buildings

  • Vehicle Storage Facilities

  • Fire Water Storage System, including two (2) 60,000-gallon Fire Water Storage Tanks 

  • Organizational and Privately-Owned Vehicle (POV) Parking Areas

  • Dangerous Cargo Pad

  • Airfield Runway - 62,686 SY

  • Airfield Taxiway - 4,080 SY

  • Airfield Access Apron - 15,057 SY

SGS’s contract also included clearing of 143 acres of desert wasteland (moving over 450,000 cubic yards of dirt); over 2 miles of runway edge grading; storm water runoff collection systems; and construction of approximately 4 miles of a temporary water supply line and a 1,000,000 gallon holding pond for potable water used for construction. The Gray Eagle UAS Complex is ADA compliant, AT/FP compliant, and is certified LEED® Silver by the U.S. Green Building Council.


Fort Bliss, New Mexico
Otero and Dona Ana Counties




Site - 143 Acres
Building - 52,000 SF 


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers


Training Facility


Prime Contractor 

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