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Preschool & Children’s Education Center


SGS served as the Prime Contractor / Design-Builder on this new Pre-School and Children’s Education addition for the Bethel Baptist Church in Norman, Oklahoma. This project included the construction of a new 2-story PreSchool & Children’s Education Center approximately 30,000 SF and renovation of approximately 15,000 SF of religious space. Specific areas and features of the PreSchool & Children’s Education Center include:

1st Floor

  • Lobby / Reception Area

  • Preschool Age Children

  • Infant through 5 Years Old

  • 13 Classrooms

  • Indoor Play Activity Center

  • Sensory Room for Children with Special Needs

  • Nursing Mother’s Room

  • Single Entry Point

  • One-Way Vision Glass

  • Work Rooms

  • Restrooms

  • Storage Rooms

  • Video Surveillance

  • Elevator

2nd Floor

  • Welcome Center

  • School Age Children

  • 1st Grade through 6th Grade

  • 14 Classrooms

  • Large Assembly Area

  • Operable Walls

  • Portable Sound Systems

  • Video Production

  • Puppet Performance Stage

  • Work Rooms

  • Storage Rooms

  • Restrooms

  • Elevator

During the project, the Church also requested renovations to the existing administrative offices, the choir room, and a few of the existing classrooms. Renovations included:


Norman, Oklahoma




30,000 SF New Construction
15,000 SF Renovation


Bethel Baptist Church


New Construction Addition
Early Education



  • Removing / Replacing All Flooring

  • Repainting All Doors, Frames, Walls, and Corridors

  • Choir Room Renovations

  • New Stage Area

  • Risers

  • Complete Sound System

  • Acoustical Wall Treatments

  • Storage Room for Choir Robes

  • Storage Room for Sheet Music, including floor-to-ceiling millwork shelving and an island in the center of the room

An extension corridor provides a new west entrance to the church complex. The exterior consists primarily of EFIS to match the existing buildings. Panels are detailed to provide architectural accents at the windows, and additional reveals added to provide visual interest to the remaining areas.  Each entry is covered by a canopy offering protection from weather elements. Existing parking spaces and access were redesigned for efficient traffic flow. A landscaping theme was developed and carried from the new addition through to the existing building. Before construction commenced, an existing building, identified as “The Rock”, was demolished and the site prepared for new construction.

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