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Stroud, Oklahoma 
Design-Build Sac & Fox Wellness Center 

SGS was the Design-Builder / Prime Contractor on this new 6,565 sq. ft. Wellness Center for the Sac & Fox Nation of Oklahoma. The Wellness Center is a medical facility that supports the Nation’s efforts to provide healthcare and health maintenance for its tribal members. The new Wellness Center provides the following spaces: 

  • Exam Rooms 

  • Podiatry Office

  • Ophthalmology Office

  • Physical Therapy Room

  • Aqua Therapy Room

  • Exercise Room 

  • Nutritional Services

  • Administrative Offices

  • Locker Rooms for Both Men and Women.

  • Serpentine Walking Track

The floor plan of the facility is oriented around two corridors that originate at the Lobby / Waiting area. Both corridors have controlled access from a receptionist area located adjacent to the Lobby. This allows control of the clients into the various areas of the facility. The locker and bathrooms are designed such that a user can enter from one side, dress into their physical therapy attire, and go directly into the physical therapy/aqua therapy room without going back into the main corridor. This allows for privacy from other users in the facility. The exercise room is large and contains glass entry doors that help open the room and make it more inviting. Both the exercise room and aqua therapy rooms contain windows to the exterior that allow for plenty of natural light thus creating a sense of openness. The Nutritional Services area features a fully equipped “teaching” kitchen for teaching proper food preparation for the Tribe’s diabetic patients.  All interior finishes are warm and inviting in nature.

The exterior design is oriented around the corner entry element that contains ample glazing allowing for natural light to penetrate the lobby and waiting area. The entry element is articulated with full brick veneer that matches the brick veneer wainscot along the rest of the building. Above the brick wainscot is an exterior insulation and finish system with horizontal rustication joints that are lined up with the aluminum window mullions. 


Sac & Fox Nation of Oklahoma 




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