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This project for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) encompassed the construction of a Approach Lighting System (ALS) support building, Lighting Stations, Inner Markers, Far Field Monitors and upgrading Runway 04 from a CAT 1 to CAT 3 status. Key components and accomplishments of this project included:

  • Installation of an Underground Fuel Storage Tank

  • Re-feed electrical power to the existing Localizer 22 antenna array

  • Demolish the existing and construct a new Localizer 04 antenna array and shelter 

  • Re-feed electrical power to the existing runway 22 Approach Light System

  • Demolish the existing and construct a new Glide Slope 04 shelter, tower, and parking/turn-around area

  • Re-feed electrical power to the existing Touchdown Runway Visual Range

  • Construct Mid-field and Roll-out Runway Visual Range

  • Demolish Outer Marker site and LLWAS site

  • Demolish existing Localizer 22 shelter, access road, parking area, and power transformer

  • Re-feed electrical power to the existing ASDE’s

Common elements for each new building include demolition, site surveying, site utilities, fabrication of the building, sidewalks, access roads, and parking areas. Each pad site (24 total) is connected via an underground concrete encased ductbank incorporating a series of multiple sized conduits for wiring and cabling. The pad sites were designated to receive either lighting equipment, antennas, shelters, transformers and/or communications equipment. Approximately 12,000 linear feet of ductbank including 70 manholes were incorporated in this project.


Client Quote

“I want to personally commend SGS, LLC for the work performed for the FAA here at William P. Hobby Airport in Houston, Texas.  I believe the FAA received a very high-quality project, completed on schedule and within budgeted funds. In every instance, I found SGS’s on-site personnel to be knowledgeable and extremely cooperative, managing the work from start to finish in a real professional manner.  Changes to scope of work and/or schedules were handled smoothly and seamlessly by SGS personnel, with no real impacts to ongoing work activities.”

Mark McLaurin, Resident Engineer 

Federal Aviation Administration


William P Hobby International Airport

Houston, Texas 




2.5 Miles of Railroad Tracks

3,000 SF Admin. Bldg. 


Federal Aviation Administration



Civil / Industrial



Prime Contractor

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