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Utilities for the Oneta Energy Center    


This project consisted of installing 33 miles of a highly reliable Utility Infrastructure System for a major electrical Power Generating Station. The project included utility crossings of several very active state highways, city streets, and county roads, which required multiple street bores, some as wide as 340 feet by 29 feet deep. The Pipeline Systems included the following:

  • Domestic Water Pipeline System consisted of approximately 1,170 lf. of 6” PVC pipeline, providing potable water to service the Oneta Energy Center from the City Potable Water System.

  • Sanitary Sewer Pipeline System consisted of approximately 2,000 lf. of 8” PVC pipeline, connecting to the City Sanitary Sewer System.  

  • Raw Water Pipeline System consisted of a new River Intake Structure/Pump Station located on an oxbow of the Verdigris River. This System included installing 11.2 miles of 36” and 30” C301 concrete pressure pipe along with all necessary flow meters, blow off valves, isolation valves, and air release valves. 

  • The Intake Pump Station contains four (4) 8-MGD 400-HP motors and pumps, a potassium permanganate chemical feed system, and a control monitoring system, which controls and monitors water flow, pump operation, and valve status, transmitting all information to the Power Plant.

  • The Raw Water Pipeline System connects to a new 54 million-gallon Water Storage Reservoir.  An additional new Pump Station was constructed at the Reservoir, equipped with two (2) chemical feed systems; a polymer injection system; a chlorine injection system; and four (4) 6 MGD, 600 HP motors and pumps.


  • Process Water Discharge Pipeline System consists of 10.5 miles of 16” PVC C905 pipe extending from the Oneta Energy Center to a new discharge structure on the Arkansas River.  

Additionally, a Process Demineralizer Facility, approx. 5,800 SF was constructed containing all the equipment to remove impurities and organic elements/compounds from “raw water”, pumped to the plant from the river located approximately 10 miles away. 

SGS’s Team provided comprehensive design and engineering services including engineering design, securing easement and rights-of-way, hydraulic analysis, geo-technical investigations, various engineering studies, reports, surveying, permitting, procurement, construction, construction observation, construction inspection, start-up, testing, project management, scheduling, and document control.


Broken Arrow, Oklahoma




33 Miles of Utilities


Calpine Corporation





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