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WBAMC Medical Parking Facility

SGS constructed a new three (3) story 170,250 sq. ft. vehicle parking facility with connections to the existing William Beaumont Army Medical Center (WBAMC) and adjoining Veterans Affairs (VA) Medical Clinic. The new Parking Facility includes the following:

  • 493 Vehicle Parking Spaces 

  • An Elevated Pedestrian Walkway / Access

  • Bridge to the WBAMC and VA Facilities

  • New Surface Parking Areas for 656 Additional Vehicles

  • GOV Parking includes more than 31,000 sq. yd. of Rigid Pavement

  • An Elevator and Stairwells

  • Parking Access for Individuals with Disabilities

Supporting facilities included:

  • New Utility Connections

  • Relocating Utility Service Lines

  • Re-Routing Storm Drainage Structures/Systems

  • Rework of the Existing Surrounding Surface Parking Lots

SGS’s work also included an underground connection to the existing hospital’s main electrical vaults; connecting to the hospital’s electrical system; then extending the electrical service from the main hospital to the new parking facility. The new facility was constructed immediately adjacent to the Emergency Entrance to the main hospital. Due to the potential for disruptions to many of the hospital functions, SGS developed unique 12Step Phasing Plan and a comprehensive Traffic Management Plan that virtually eliminated construction interference to the hospital operations, including ER functions. To protect hospital visitors and staff, as well as SGS work crews, SGS designed and installed a three-story safety netting system around the new construction areas.


Fort Bliss, Texas




170,250 SF


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers


Addition / Renovation
Parking Facility


Prime Contractor 

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